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Past Events

May 22-23 2014: International Meeting "Basics of Religious Education", Book Launch of "Religious Education at Schools in Western Europe" and "Religious Education at Schools in Northern Europe"

  • Introductory publications for students of religious education in Europe
  • Religious Education at Schools in Western and Northern Europe. Basic results and book launch

November 29, 2012: Book launch of the first volume of the series: „Religious Education at Schools in Europe.

  • With a focussed perspective on two countries:

    Presentation I - Dr. Mónika Solymár, University of Vienna: "
    Religious Education at Schools in Hungary"

    Presentation II - doz. PhDr. Ludmila Muchová, Ph.D., University of České Budějovice: "
    Religious Education at Schools in the Czech Republic"

    Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture

    Freyung 1
    3rd floor/3. Stock (Festsaal)

    1010 Vienna
    5.15 p.m.

    Registration required: maria.valencia@univie.ac.at

November 29-30, 2012: International conference and book presentation of the first volume of the series: „Religious Education at Schools in Europe”

  • The conference will be about the assessment of the first part of the project of „Religious Education at Schools in Europe“  since North, West, South, Southeast and Eastern Europe will likewise each be presented in a published work. The workshop will first of all provide an overview of the results of the first volume. In Workshops at the conference an in-depth reflection  is planned also. The conference should too serve as preparation for the upcoming volumes on North and West Europe.

Winter Semester 2012: „Religious Education at Schools in Central Europe; Austria-Hungary“

May 6, 2011: International Workshop „Religious Education in Europe"

  • International Workshop „Religious Education in Europe – Part 1 Central-Europe” in Vienna


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