Religious Education at Schools in Europe (REL-EDU)

“Religious Education at Schools in Europe“ is a joint research project between the Protestant and the Catholic religious pedagogical departments at the University of Vienna.

The primary purpose of this research project is to facilitate an international comparison of the various forms of religious education in Europe. This presents a basic concept for the assessment of on-going educational incentives regarding inter-religious competence and integration. The foundation of this project consists of thirteen essential questions. The project is sponsored by Wien Kultur and Verein der Freunde religöser Bildung.

Project Team

Univ.-Prof. DDr. Martin Rothgangel

(Faculty of Protestant Theology)

Dr. Sabine Hermisson

seit 2018

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Jäggle

(Faculty of Catholic Theology)

Maximillian Saudino

seit 2018

Mitarbeitende 2012-2017

Dr. Mónika Solymár

Dr. Philipp Klutz